As if I had any time on my hands juggling two part-time jobs, I’ve been looking for something else to do in my very limited free time. I’ve always wanted to do a cosmetic/makeup/beauty YouTube channel. I’ve seen tons of them, out of them all my favourite would be have to be pixiwoo. I love those girls. Now, I’m definitely not a certified makeup artist, nor do I consider myself a master in the art itself. But I’ve learned quite a few things over the years and I’d be willing to share them with you. My philosophy is, makeup and anything cosmetic related is an art. It is creative self-expression. You are an artist and your body is your canvas. I can’t draw to save my life but I can draw a line across my eye. Don’t let anyone dictate to you what or what you shouldn’t do when it comes to your body. There are no rules. There are no gender boundaries. There is only you and your creativity. And I find those who express that part of themselves to be absolutely beautiful.
With all that being said, in the mean time, while I work on the idea of starting a channel (or whatever it is I decide to do) I would love to answer any questions you have regarding beauty, cosmetics, makeup, etc etc. So feel free to send me a message at anytime if you’re interested! I’ll publicly answer them unless you tell me otherwise.

Much love to you all.